June 11, 2019 @ 7:00 pm – 11:00 pm
Washington Park Velodrome
Washington Park
Kenosha, WI 53140
Chris Riva

Tuesday Night Racing!!

Every Tuesday night, May through September, racers from all over Wisconsin and Illinois converge on the track to compete in various sprint and endurance races.

Registration for Tuesday Night Races opens at 6:00pm, with racing starting at
7:00pm. Racing is held under USA Cycling Permit and a valid USA Cycling license is
required. Categories may be combined or canceled at promoter’s discretion. All
dates subject to change/ cancellation due to weather or rescheduling

Tonight’s Events

The miss and out is a variation of the elimination, where riders are eliminated as in the elimination race (every lap, the last rider across the finish line is called ‘out’ and must retire from the race as determined by rear wheel) until there are three riders left, after a predetermined number of no-pull laps, the three remaining riders receive the bell and sprint for final placing.

The scratch race is the simplest of all the endurance events; a bunch race over a set distance and the first across the line wins. Despite its simplicity, the scratch race can be an enthralling contest, with breakaways, lap gains, and bunch sprints.

The Madison is named after Madison Square Garden in New York, one of the birthplaces of track racing. The Madison is a ‘relay’ points race for teams of two riders who take turns racing over a set distance. One team member is competing at all times, while the other team mate is riding ‘in relief’ (or resting) above the blue stayer’s line. The riders do ‘changes’ which are hand slings or some form of touching, riders must draw equal if no contact is made. Like the points race, there are points available for intermediate sprints (5, 3, 2, 1) and 20 points are awarded for lap gains. The Madison also awards double points for the final sprint. The final placing of the teams is determined by their accumulated points. For teams with no accumulated points, placing will follow teams with points and is determined by finishing order on the final sprint.