Track Etiquette – Safety First!

Please keep these in mind when using the track…

Look before entering the track.  Watch for fast moving, oncoming riders.  

Hold your line, both during warm up and in the race.  Look before moving up or down the track.

The faster rider is responsible for passing safely.  Slower riders are responsible for riding in a straight line and allowing faster riders to pass predictably.

One meter from the top of the track is reserved for riders accelerating for flying starts.

Racers must be prepared to race when their event is called.  Unless there is a reasonable mechanical problem, the race will not be delayed and the racer may forfeit their participation in that race, with no refund in entry fees.

Racers will conduct themselves appropriately and follow the instructions of the race promoters and officials.  Rude or offensive comments directed at race officials, promoters or fellow racers will not be tolerated.

At the conclusion of a race, all racers must promptly exit the track from back stretch, into the warm-up circle.  The next race will be taking to the track on the home stretch, from the warm-up circle.

When on foot, always look both ways before you cross the track.