Monday Night Stock Bike Racing

is the introduction to track racing. Racers as young as three (3) bring their own bike and a helmet to try the track and race against others of their own age. This means any rider that wants to try the track does not have to join a club, buy equipment or have a license before they can try bike racing. There are age categories for everyone, even adults. First night of racing is only $8, then each night after that is only $3. The Monday Night season starts in mid June. The season concludes at the end of August with a season ending picnic, where trophies are awarded to any rider that has participated in at least four nights of racing. This exposure to track racing helps keep young people focused on something positive and healthy.

Tuesday Night Racing/USAC

Tuesday Night Racing is the premier night of racing at the velodrome. Racers from Southeastern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois compete in various endurance and sprint events from mid May until September. Track bikes are required on this night of racing. Track bikes are fixed gear bikes with no brakes or freewheel; if the back wheel is turning so are the pedals. Because the gear is fixed, riders can only slow themselves down by putting reverse pressure on the pedals. Licensed riders from age 9 and up are grouped into ability categories and are charged a $22 entrance fee. Spectators are welcome to watch on 'the hill', as these athletes ride at speeds over 35 mph.


Entry Fees:
Juniors - $10
Seniors - $22
Junior Racing / Senior Events - $22
Senior Racing Masters Events - $25
Race Numbers - $20
Velodrome Membership donation - $10