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Madison Night

June 11 @ 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Miss and Out, Scratch, Tempo/Madison Racing


Easily the crowd favorite… this is an elimination race where the last rider on every lap is “pulled” from the race. The race takes place at the back of the pack, as one by one the rider whose rear wheel crosses the line last is eliminated. This can get hectic as riders fight desperately for position. This race is also known as “DEVIL TAKE THE HINDMOST” as occasionally a rider/riders like to play the “Devil”. The devil likes to stay at the back of the pack until the final few meters of each lap, then eliminating an unsuspecting opponent at the last moment. The race continues until there are only three riders left, and then a sprint to the finish.


Easiest of races. A predetermined amount of laps and the rider who comes across the finish line first on the final lap wins. Typically ran two ways. Very short and very fast races to “seed” riders for “Match Sprint” heats. However it can also be a very long race similar to NASCAR or INDY style car races which pits riders and teams against each other. Riders try to break away from the group while teammates try to slow down the field or make other teams work to catch the break a way rider. The scratch race can be a very raw fast event or a very tactical race.


The Madison is named after Madison Square Garden and is similar to the points race, except the field is made up of teams of two riders who don’t race at the same time. During the event one rider stays above the “Stayers” line (Blue line on the track) or hangs on to the side of the track while their teammate races around the track, when a rider wants in to the race or out of race for a breather, the one rider racing will come up on the other rider and “Hand Sling” him in to the race. The hand sling is literally slinging or throwing the other rider in to the race. Using a hand sling allows the new rider to get up to speed faster. Typically the team will have a sprinter and an endurance rider so the endurance rider will sling the sprinter hopefully in to the race on a sprint lap. Sometimes, however, riders can’t make the exchange and must continue for additional laps or try to sprint for points. In Europe this is one of the most popular sporting events.


June 11
7:00 pm - 10:00 pm
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Washington Park Velodrome
Washington Park
Kenosha WI, WI 53140 United States


Chis Riva